03 Mar 2014

In this post about NTC's Symposium, Dalia Zabala says beginning teachers are in particular need of support to properly implement the CCSS as, in addition to the many challenges of being a first year teacher, many are now faced with the challenge of developing and aligning lesson plans to a whole new set of standards that they may have never seen before.

03 Mar 2014

In this post about NTC's Symposium, Amy Liszt reports that Common Core State Standards represent a significant opportunity for refining and improving practice to promote student learning. Like any new initiative, the key to its’ success will be in the implementation. Most importantly, we must support teachers by first helping them understand the standards and then giving them strategies and tools to make the necessary shifts in their practice. 

03 Mar 2014

In this post about NTC's Symposium, Rob Schwartz explores how blended learning can transform K-12 education and educator professional learning, by using technology as a better way to differentiate and personalize instruction for our students. 

Nakita Thomas e-Mentor
07 Feb 2014

After teaching for 15 years, last year was very special. It was a year of recognition and reflection. Firstly, after a rigorous recruitment process I was selected once again to be an e-mentor in New Teacher Center’s e-Mentoring for Student Success Program (eMSS). This is my third year and it is a privilege for me to serve as a mentor. Secondly, I was short-listed for the TNTP (The New Teacher Project) Fishman Prize for Superlative Classroom Practice. 

4 ways to get more from your district’s budget for teacher professional developm
28 Jan 2014

In the months ahead as budget cycles begin, you may find yourself facing the same challenge as many other district leaders across the country: What’s the best way to allocate a reducing or limited budget for professional development in the face of growing and sometimes competing priorities? Read four ways to make sure your district’s professional development has more impact.