Roxanna Elden Teacher and Author
12 Nov 2013

If you are familiar with Ellen Moir’s widely circulated "Phases of First-Year Teaching" – or if you have experience mentoring beginning teachers - you already know what season it is. The Disillusionment Phase is the time frame during which new teachers are most likely to burst into tears in public, type up resignation letters “just in case,” or fantasize about driving off a bridge on the way to work.

Social Emotional Learning must be embedded in effective teaching mentoring helps
25 Oct 2013

New Teacher Center Lead Coach Kyle Miller (Chicago) tells the story of a teacher who led him to believe that embedding Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) in teacher practice is critical for students' futures, and how mentoring and induction helps.

01 Oct 2013

New Teacher Center Policy Director Liam Goldrick explores the implications of a "greening" teaching workforce in this blog post, and offers educational leaders and policymakers insights about solutions.  

Kindra Rowley
18 Sep 2013

In this post, new teacher Kindra Rowley shares that, sometimes as a special education teacher, you feel completely alone and lost in another dimension. She says, "This is my third year as a special education teacher. In my first year, I was supposed to have a mentor teacher.  This less than successful experience left me with numerous Individual Education Plans (IEPs) poorly written and the feeling that I was all alone in outer space."

Jane Baker
12 Sep 2013

New Teacher Center Communication Director Jane Baker raises important questions as thousands of new teachers enter the classroom for the first time. They will struggle to find the support and resources they need to improve student learning. Many will turn to Google. But will this be enough? More importantly, will they be able to sort through the results and find the best answers?